• Photo Contest

    Want to win $50 towards buying fantastic charcuterie boards? Show us how you turn a charcuterie board into an experience! 

    Charcuterieboards.com is hosting a photo contest - all you have to do is take a picture of what you think an amazing charcuterie experience looks like and share it with the world using the hashtag #charcuterieboardcontest. 
    We are looking for beautiful, high quality photos that really spotlight how a charcuterie platter is enjoyed. 
    In summary:

    - Photo must include one or more charcuterie boards.
    - Photo must be your original work.
    - Photo must be posted on Twitter or our Facebook page, with the hashtag #charcuterieboardcontest.

    Winner will be selected from all entries and will receive a $50 gift card to Charcuterieboards.com. Happy serving, and good luck!

    Contest starts on 20th December 2015 12:00 AM and ends on 15th January 2016 11:59 PM.

    Posted by Anny Chien
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